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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Oh to be Homeless and Drive a Porsche

"Take-my-wallet-while-you-are-at-it-o-meter"~~today's count:2

Today I must share a truly classic cigarette moment with you. I woke and went to the bus stop with my
usual early morning grimmace, smoking of course, baiting anyone who dares to ask me for one. My
first victim asks and is rudely turned away. I am becoming satisfied, I got a nibble. Next another man
walks up and this is what ensues. Let's call him upperclass moocher or UM for short. This is how it goes:

UM -"Hey man nice sunglasses."
Beakdip -"What do you want?"
UM -"Got any change?"
Beakdip -"No."
UM-"You got a cigarette?"
UM -"Well, do you have a light?"

So I'm thinking what the hell does he need a light for if he is bummin' smokes from me? So I turn around and this
bitch has a fresh American Spirit stuck between his lips.

Beakdip -"Dude, why the fuck are you asking me for smokes' if you already got some? American Spirits no less."
UM -"Ya' gotta prepare for tommorrow...(walks off laughing the laugh of a man who just went one up.)"

American Spirits and the American Way. What an asshole, but he put a smile on my face and started off my day
with a story and a smirk. Thank you upper class homeless guy.

A day in the life of the best city in the world...because we make it that way.

Happy spooky day all!!

Beakdip...It's not just a condiment for your ruffles.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

I am Dumfounded
I have just received a call from one of my best friends that his house burned down this morning. First
off, thank God, everyone is allright.
I feel compelled to write this because I am upset with myself over several things. My friend Matthew
and I have been through a ton together over the past year. We work together, we play together, we are
in a band together. Over this last weekend we got into a yelling match over some really stupid bullshit and
we decided that we would part ways. I blame myself for being an inconsiderate, chump. When a tragedy like
this happens you really understand what is important to you. My God, Matthew could very easily be dead
right now, dead. My petty little bullshit means nothing. All Matthew has is the clothes on his back, a couple
of pieces of artwork and his beat box.
The best thing I can offer him is my love and friendship. To even imagine I was prepared to turn my back on
him makes me sick. I am sorry Matthew.
I truly believe God works in mysterious ways and I just want you to know, Ramp, I am here for you unconditionally
and I always will be. I am sorry for turning my back on you, I am sorry this has happened to you, and whatever
you need I will be there to provide for you as much as I possibly can.
Rally around your friends, thery are the one's who will guide you through this and be there for you and provide
for you in your time of need.
I am here, we are here

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Long Live Michael Jordan
"Take-my-wallet-while-you-are-at-it-o-meter"~~0...I drove to work today.

I am not a pro basketball fan but I think Michael Jordan is as close to immortal as any other human on the
planet. At a time when America needs a hero more than ever before, Michael Jordan comes out of retirement.
I know, I know he is playing for the team he actually owns, but he has taken America on his shoulders and
given us all something to be proud of. He personifies the fighting spirit America stands for. God bless you
Michael Jordan. Just try and get your shooting percentage up and dish off occasionally.

Enjoy this beautiful weather...arggh!

Peace out to the real

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Monday, October 29, 2001

Success and Happiness
My definition of "success" is based upon a personal definition of what it means to be happy. Meaning
happiness to me is going to be different than happiness to you. Happiness is a very personal thing. That
said how do you define success? Again success has a different definition for everyone and is a very personal

So in order to consider yourself "happy" or a "success" it must be sought after and achieved in an extremely
personal manner, since each person's definitions are different.

I have been struggling over this for sometime now and I would like anyone to please help me understand. If
these two things I have described above are true (to me they are) why must we depend on others for our own
happiness and success? If these two things are only created, nurtured, developed, refuted, denounced, etc.
from within, why do relationships and friendships and enemies and heroes and hot dogs for that matter all
have such an immense effect on how we obtain happiness or success? If happiness and success are so damn
personal, why are other humans involved in the equation?

I just want to know...


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"Take-my-wallet-while-you-are-at-it-o-meter"~~Today's count: a very loud 1 (I was asked for $.65
then for a cigarette by the same guy...a double whammy.)

I hate having bad, horrible weekends. I am getting sick and of course it started to come on on
Saturday morning. The only thing I could look forward to on Sunday was being forced out of bed to
go to work on this beautifully muggy Monday morning. I hope all of you had glorious weekends.

Don't forget HAMoTAM will be performing live this Sarturday in the East Bay at a friends' house party,
if you want to go send me an e-mail for directions. Have a good Monday all.

Peace from the B

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Friday, October 26, 2001

"Take-my-wallet-while-you-are-at-it-o-meter"~~Today's count:1

True friends are not found they are cultivated and nurtured based on mutual respect, commonality, amazement,
and love. Unconditional friendship is one of the most difficult things to find, and THE most fulfilling, life empowering
force when it is obtained.

True love is not possible without friendship, and friendship is not possible without true, blind, love. Strive to find
friends, keep an open mind, be slow to judge, give people the benefit of doubt while being true to yourself. This is
the path to knowledge, and intelligence, and forgiveness, and tolerance, and innocent happiness.

"Friends...How many of us have them, let's be friends. One's you can depend, on let's be friends."

Or not.

Dat's how it is

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Thursday, October 25, 2001

Today Has Started Off Weird Already

Not one person has asked for a smoke from me today. It must be my Lyle Alzado scowl I put on for the Thursday commute.
I have decided to post the number of times each morning that I am asked for a cigarette, let's call it the
"Take-my-wallet-while-you-are-at-it-o-meter"~~Today's count: 0

Just a side note, yesterday, while waiting for the 71L, a man actually drove up to the bus stop, rolled down the shotgun
window, and asked me for a cigarette. I was appalled at his lack of class, amazed at his lack of self respect, and
energized by his ire when I told him to suck t nuts. I just love ha...I mean the Haight.

I would like to extend my warmest birthday regards to my soul brother, Mat Honan. Mat and I have been friends
for many years and I am truly blessed to have such an honorable and loyal person close to me. Mat has
enriched my life and made me a better person. Thank you Mat and I wish you only the best in the year to come.

Have a great Thursday and experience the phenomena of the Beverage Party.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Shared transportation is the spice of life...but then again so is pepper.

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Monday, October 22, 2001

Bummers bum me out.

I think I am going to start planting those exploding cigarette things into a marked pack of smokes to give to any person who approaches me
and asks for a cigarette. That should learn them, either that or I will get the shit beaten out of me.
I think it will be funny though.

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Thursday, October 18, 2001

I had a religiuos experience last night...I call it Dj Shadow and Cut

Never have I been to a show and not recognized more than a handfull of
tracks and yet still been able to feel the beat and the passion of the
artists explode through my conscience. All things are products of that
which has come before, but the true geniuses manipulate what has already
come and change it to make it unique and their own. These guys are
musicians through and through but to take it one step further, they are
maniplulators on a higher plain. Most human shells do not know what to make
of it but I truly feel I have been blessed by seeing music on the extreme
cutting edge. For those of you who witnessed what I did last night, you
will never be the same either, for those of you who didn't...stupid suckas!
You missed musical history. Thanks Ez for opening another door for me.

Peace from the B

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